How do I request noise monitoring for my home?

Noise monitoring devices are used by the Metropolitan Airports Commission (MAC) for measuring and documenting aircraft noise levels. The MAC uses 39 permanently-installed Remote Monitoring Towers (RMT) around MSP to capture aircraft in flight as they arrive and/or depart at MSP. The locations of these devices were determined in collaboration with each city where the devices were installed.

Placement of each device is strategic to capture levels of aircraft noise with the least amount of community noise (e.g., law mowers, buses, music, alarms, etc.). An aircraft does not have to fly directly over the noise monitoring device in order to be measured. Measurement parameters are customized on each device to establish the "listening" range and recording criteria. More information about these RMTs, including a map of RMT locations may be found here: MACNOMS

Mobile noise monitoring devices are used for special projects. The MSP Noise Oversight Committee and the MAC evaluate requests for mobile noise monitoring projects. For more information about mobile noise monitoring, please click here: Mobile Noise Monitoring

Updated 12/20/2016