What is the MAC’s role at MSP?

The MAC provides and maintains MSP airport facilities for airlines and air cargo companies to conduct air commerce activities. Services provided by the MAC include developing and maintaining airport roadways, runways, taxiways, ramps, terminals and other buildings, and parking facilities.

The MAC can be viewed as a landlord of the airport, and airlines, air cargo companies, airport restaurants and stores, and car rental companies as tenants of the MAC. Counter to what some may think, the MAC does not:

  • Screen passengers at security checkpoints (this is the role of the federal Transportation Security Administration, or TSA);
  • Decide where aircraft fly or which runways they use (this is the role of the FAA);
  • Regulate air traffic operations at the airport (this is the role of the FAA);
  • Schedule air traffic in and out of the airport (this is the role of the aircraft operators, such as airlines and air cargo companies);
  • Control entry into the United States by international passengers (this is the role of the federal Customs and Border Protection agency).

For more information about the roles and responsibilities of the FAA, the MAC, and aircraft operator (i.e.: airlines, air cargo, etc.), check out our Aircraft Noise Basics video series: Aircraft Noise Basics.

Updated  12/21/2016