Which PBN/RNAV Procedures are in use at MSP?

At the November 19, 2012 Metropolitan Airports Commission (MAC) board meeting, the MAC voted to support partial implementation of PBN/RNAV procedures at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport (MSP). Specifically, the MAC board supported PBN/RNAV arrivals on Runways 12L, 12R, 30L, 30R, and 35 and departure procedures for MSP Runways 12L, 12R, and 17. This action means the MAC board did not recommend PBN/RNAV departure procedures for MSP Runways 30L and 30R, whose flight tracks take aircraft over the cities to the north and west of MSP.

Click here to view maps of the proposed procedures to the south and east of MSP supported by the MAC: PBN/RNAV Maps.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) conducted a Safety Management Study to establish if the MAC-supported partial PBN/RNAV implementation is possible without jeopardizing safety. In February 2014, the FAA completed its Safety Management Study and determined that partial PBN/RNAV implementation is not possible without jeopardizing safety.

In March 2015, RNAV arrival procedures were published and implemented at MSP. These RNAV arrival procedures are currently being used by trained flight crews when operating aircraft equipped with the required navigation capabilities.

Updated 4/24/2015