MD-80 Flights Diminishing at MSP


Out with the old:

The downward trend continues for MD-80 aircraft operating at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport (MSP). Delta Air Lines and American Airlines are two airlines flying MD-80 aircraft with regular service at MSP. Beginning in January 2018, Delta began relocating MD-80 aircraft to their Atlanta, Georgia hub. For March, Delta has zero scheduled MD-80 operations at MSP.

MSP MD-80 Use Chart

The MD-80 family of aircraft is currently the loudest single-aisle passenger aircraft that operates regularly at MSP. In the first two months of 2018, MD-80 aircraft were used for only 385 operations, less than 1% of the total traffic at MSP. Despite this low usage, MD-80 aircraft were responsible for more than 20% of noise events greater than 90 decibels recorded throughout the MAC's system of remote monitoring towers.

In with the new:

The engines used to power this aircraft first entered service in the 1960's. Airlines have begun phasing out older aircraft in favor of new aircraft equipped with more fuel-efficient and quieter technology. While the occasional Delta MD-80 may operate at MSP in the near-term, the large majority will be substituted with newer and quieter Boeing 717, 737 and Airbus A321 aircraft. 

American Airlines previously indicated that they would retire their fleet of MD-80 aircraft in 2019.

MD-88 aircraft at MSP