Routine FAA Flight Checks at MSP

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) conducted routine flight checks at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport (MSP) earlier this week.

The checks began approximately at midnight on Tuesday, January 10th and lasted approximately two hours as the FAA conducted flight checks for MSP Runway 12L. These checks were conducted again on Wednesday night, from approximately 12 a.m. -3 a.m., with the FAA focusing on Runway 35. These flight checks are performed using a twin turboprop aircraft and because they are irregular operations that need to be conducted when demand on the airport is light, they are done at night.

The FAA regularly conducts flight checks to inspect navigation equipment at airports around the country. The accuracy of this navigation equipment is critical to ensuring the highest level of safety for aircraft operations. The checks involve routine flight procedures as well as arcs and low passes over the runways.

An example of a previous flight check on Runway 12L/30R is included with this article.