Do aircraft noise complaints stop aircraft from bothering me?

The MAC created a system for twin cities residents to share their concerns about aircraft noise generated by activity at any of its seven airports 24-hours per day. Methods to submit aircraft noise complaints include a website form or dedicated telephone hotline (612-726-9411). It’s important to know that aircraft noise complaints alone cannot change how the airport operates. The MAC cannot prevent aircraft noise; however, MAC staff can answer questions, provide data, and help residents understand aircraft operations.

Where aircraft fly, as well as their associated noise levels, depends on factors such as wind and weather, the number of arrivals and departures, the time of day, construction activity and other conditions, all which play a part in how an airport operates at any given time. 

Aircraft noise and activity complaints are used in conjunction with flight data to corroborate specific events or identify possible trends. Some city governments also use complaints to gauge the level of concern about aircraft noise in their communities.

To learn more about roles and responsibilities associated with aircraft noise and operations, please view our Aircraft Noise Basics video series: Part 1--Who Makes the Decisions?

Updated 11/2/2018