How much noise qualifies my home for MAC noise mitigation?

According to federal regulation, the MAC's Residential Noise Mitigation Program does not rely on recorded aircraft noise levels measured at any of the 39 Remote Monitoring Towers. Rather, eligibility for noise mitigation relies on calculated aircraft noise exposure levels on an annual basis using a federally prescribed process and Aviation Environmental Design Tool (AEDT). In the case of MSP, an Annual Noise Contour Analysis is produced and contains a description of the process and details related to the annual calculations. Also, residential areas surrounding MSP are mapped to show the levels of aircraft noise exposure illustrated using contour rings that represent 60 dB DNL, 65 dB DNL, and 70 dB DNL.

It is important to note that eligibility is considered on a block by block basis. This means that if even one home on a city block is included in a noise contour, the entire city block is included in the noise contour area. Click here to view the most recent Annual Noise Contour Analysis Reports:

A legal agreement between the MAC and the cities of Minneapolis, Richfield, Bloomington and Eagan specify the terms of eligibility for noise mitigation found here: Amended Consent Decree. The terms of this agreement are binding without exception. Click here to view the eligibility criteria:

If your home is not currently located within the Amended Program eligibility area map: 

(1) your home may have qualified for mitigation in years 2017-2019 and the MAC is waiting to hear from you (check this list for your address), or
(2) your home is not eligible for noise mitigation under the MAC's Noise Mitigation Program at this time. 


Updated 3/5/2019