What is a Converging Runway Operation (CRO)?

A Converging Runway Operation (CRO) describes a condition when the extended runway centerline intersects with another extended centerline at a distance of one mile or less. 

At Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport (MSP), the extended runway centerlines of Runways 30L and 30R intersect with the extended runway centerline of Runway 35 within one mile to the north of MSP. Click here to see a diagram of the CRO area: CRO Diagram.

The airspace within the red circle depicted on the CRO diagram must be protected to prevent a conflict between aircraft departing Runways 30L or 30R while an aircraft is arriving on Runway 35. Aircraft normally do not depart from Runway 35, but aircraft that attempt a landing on Runway 35 must have this airspace protected in case the aircraft aborts its landing.

Updated 8/22/2016