What new technology is available to reduce aircraft noise?

Since the invention of the jet engine, aircraft manufacturers, aerospace engineers and airlines have taken strides to reduce noise emitted from aircraft by leveraging new technology. Engine technologies such as high-bypass ratio and very-high-bypass ratio turbofans have significantly improved noise emissions across the United States. For example, Boeing’s new B737MAX aircraft is reported to have a 40 percent smaller noise footprint than the B737-800, and the Airbus A320NEO is reported to be 15 decibels below the Stage 4 noise standard – currently the quietest noise standard in the United States.   

MD80 aircraft are among the loudest aircraft operating at MSP on a regular basis. Delta Air Lines recently announced it will be replacing these aircraft with newer, quieter and more fuel efficient models. Eighty-two Airbus A321 aircraft will be used on routes flown today by MD80s and B757s, phasing these older planes out of service.

By next year, American Airlines plans to retire its fleet of MD80s as it begins taking delivery of 100 new Boeing B737MAX aircraft. Additionally, Southwest Airlines will begin taking delivery of 170 B737MAX aircraft next year.

Updated 7/12/2016