What is sound monitoring?

Sound monitoring devices are used by the Metropolitan Airports Commission (MAC) for measuring and documenting aircraft sound levels for areas surrounding any of its seven airports. These devices include:

1. permanently-installed equipment used to capture sounds from aircraft inflight as they arrive and/or depart at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport (MSP); and

2. mobile equipment used for special projects related to MSP activity or activity related to the MAC's general aviation airports. 

Placement of each mobile or permanently-installed equipment is strategic and placed to capture sound levels of aircraft with the least amount of community sounds (e.g., lawn mowers, freeways, buses, music, alarms, etc.), at the time of placement. It is important to note that an aircraft does not have to fly directly over a noise monitoring device in order to be measured.

Aircraft noise associated with MSP is recorded through the use of 39 permanently-installed Remote Monitoring Towers (RMTs) in neighborhoods surrounding the airport. The locations of these devices were determined in collaboration with each city where the devices were installed. More information about these RMTs, including a map of RMT locations may be found here: MACNOMS

Mobile sound monitoring devices used for special projects are placed in areas that best meet the needs of the project. Anyone interested in requesting a mobile sound monitoring project must complete a form that details the project objective. Requests for mobile noise monitoring related to MSP activity are evaluated by the MSP Noise Oversight Committee and the MAC. 

For more information about mobile sound monitoring, please click here: Mobile Sound Monitoring


Updated 10/28/2020