Why can other airports restrict noisy planes and MSP cannot?

Some airports, such as San Diego International Airport and John Wayne Airport have implemented customized aircraft operating rules and restrictions on certain aircraft activity based on noise. Rules and restrictions that were implemented prior to Congress' approval of the Airport Noise and Capacity Act of 1990 (ANCA) are allowed to be enforced only at the airports that implemented them. 

MSP is not one of the airports that had these types of restrictions in place prior to ANCA.  

Federal Aviation Regulations prohibit airports, such as MSP, from creating and enforcing rules that are not federally-approved. New noise rules and airport access restrictions must be evaluated and proposed to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in accordance with 14 CFR Part 161- Notice and Approval of Airport Noise and Access Restrictions (Part 161).

For more information about Part 161 and airports where noise rules were requested, including MSP, click here: Part 161.

Updated 12/20/2016