Why is my neighbor eligible for sound insulation and I am not?

The MAC's residential sound mitigation program treats qualifying homes located within aircraft noise exposure areas of 60 dB DNL associated with flight activity at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport (MSP). While the MAC's program is more expansive than any other U.S. airport's sound mitigation program, these types of mitigation programs are strictly regulated by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the MAC must adhere to legal limits regarding funding and eligibility requirements. 

Home eligibility for the MAC's mitigation program is evaluated based on an Annual MSP Noise Contour Analysis.  A single-family or multi-family home will be considered eligible for mitigation under the MAC's mitigation program when the following criteria are met:

(a) the community in which the home is located has adopted local land use controls and building performance standards that prohibit new residential construction or remodeling on the block on which the home is located, unless the construction or remodeling materials and practices are consistent with the noise impact levels and consistent with noise mitigation provided by this program, and

(b) the home is located, for a period of three consecutive years (the first of the three years cannot be later than calendar year 2020) in the actual 60-64 dB DNL noise contour prepared by the MAC and published in the Annual MSP Noise Contour Analysis report, and, within a higher noise exposure area when compared to the single-family home's status under the MAC's mitigation program prior to the amendment.

It is important to note that the MAC uses a "block-intersect" method when establishing program eligibility. This means that when any parcel on a city block is included in the noise contour, then the entire city block is included in the eligibility area. If your home is not eligible for the MAC's mitigation program, it is because your home is not located on a city block that meets the eligibility criteria. 

Please click here to determine if your home meets the eligibility requirements: Do I Qualify

The MAC will offer mitigation to owners of eligible single-family and multi-family homes once their home fully qualifies for the MAC's program. There is no action for a homeowner to take to become eligible; however, once a home is eligible, the homeowner must respond to the MAC's correspondence as specified in the invitation.  


Updated 12/30/2020