2015 MSP Noise Exposure Analysis Results

Noise associated with aircraft activity at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport (MSP) has decreased overall, but did increase for certain homeowners in recent years – based on the Metropolitan Airports Commission’s (MAC)  most recent noise exposure analysis.

Each year a noise contour analysis is prepared for MSP Airport to assess actual aircraft noise impacts on residential homes around MSP and to determine possible eligibility for future noise mitigation. To qualify for mitigation, a home must fall within a higher impact area for three consecutive years. The homes now eligible for mitigation experienced higher noise impacts in 2013, 2014 and 2015 than they had in the previous mitigation program.

Mitigation varies depending on the degree of noise exposure, but for many homes it may include such improvements as new windows and doors to reduce external noise, or air conditioning units to allow homeowners to keep doors and windows closed during the hotter summer months.

The 2015 analysis found that 88 multi-family homes and 137 single-family homes meet the three-year increased exposure criteria and are eligible for mitigation. All of these homes are located in Minneapolis. 

The figure above shows the city blocks that have experienced one, two or three years of higher noise impacts. 

  • Homes located on a block with a 1 have experienced one year of higher impact. 
  • Homes located on a block with a 2 have experienced two consecutive years of higher impacts. 
  • Homes located on blocks with a 3 have experienced three consecutive years of higher impact and are now therefore eligible for mitigation (starting in 2017).*  

*If your home received mitigation previously but is now eligible for additional mitigation you will receive the standard noise mitigation program for your current exposure level minus whatever mitigation you received previously. 

By July 2016, MAC representatives will contact property owners whose homes meet the eligibility criteria. Mitigation will begin in 2017.

“At this time, eligible homeowners do not need to take any action," said Dana Nelson, Manager of Noise, Environment and Planning for the MAC. 

Anyone with questions should contact the MAC’s Noise Program Office at www.macnoise.com/contact-noise-program-office or by calling 612-726-9411.

The MSP Annual Noise Contour Reports may be accessed here: www.macnoise.com/noise-mitigation-program/msp-annual-noise-contour-analy...