Airbus A220 Aircraft Flies into MSP

Passenger air service advancements continue at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport (MSP) as Delta Air Lines introduces its newest aircraft addition into service, the Airbus A220, which begins service today.

The hype associated with the A220 is a result of this new aircraft’s design, which combines quieter operating efficiencies and fewer emissions with greater passenger comforts when compared to any other commercial service jet in production. According to Airbus, the noise footprint is up to four times smaller than other in-production aircraft, while fuel burn contributes 20% fewer CO2 and 50% fewer NOx emissions.

The aircraft completed a noise analysis as a component of its required certification. The results of that analysis show the A220 was quieter during the approach and departure phases than the CRJ-200, an aircraft that is half the size and carries less than half the passengers.

The A220 is a medium-size aircraft that Delta has configured to seat 109 passengers with comforts that include large seatback displays, live television, and the widest seats and biggest windows of modern aircraft. The jet even includes a window in the onboard restroom. It has a 115-foot wingspan, and is manufactured in the United States; however, the A220 was originally developed as a C-series Bombardier Canadian-built regional jet until Airbus negotiated a deal to build the aircraft in Mobile, Alabama.

Delta Air Lines is adding 90 Airbus A220 aircraft into its fleet by 2023.