Boeing 737-MAX Makes MSP Debut

On November 6th the newest Boeing 737 aircraft officially began service at MSP. Southwest 1789 touched down from Chicago-Midway just before 7:00 AM.

This narrowbody, commercial service jet is included in the most popular family of aircraft operating at MSP. Boeing has designed the 737-MAX to be 40% quieter than today's next-generation 737. The newly designed jet features Leap 1-B engines from CFM International, sound reduction technology in the airframe and blended winglets on the end of the wings. All of these features are designed to increase fuel efficiency and decrease noise produced by the aircraft.

"It's exciting to see new noise-reduction technology from aircraft manufacturers hitting the market. These aircraft investments make sense on many levels. They reduce fuel costs for the airline, improve the passenger experience and reduce noise for our neighbors," said Dana Nelson, Manager of Noise, Environment and Planning for the Metropolitan Airports Commission (MAC). "We will continue to see airlines, like Southwest, invest in new aircraft purchases and use them to provide regular service at MSP."

Southwest Airlines became the United States launch customer for the new Boeing 737 MAX 8 when it began flying the airplane on October 1, 2017. The airline configured the airplane in its traditional, single aisle 3-3 seat interior layout, with a 175 seat capacity. The new airplanes allowed Southwest to retire their fleet of "Boeing 737 Classics". Southwest flew its final Boeing 737-300 revenue flight on September 29th. 

In all, Southwest Airlines has orders for 200 737 MAX aircraft (170 MAX 8 and 30 MAX 7) to complement its all 737 fleet. Boeing reports that 91 other customers worldwide have booked 3,900 firm orders, making the B737-MAX the fastest selling airplane in their history.

Watch how Boeing measured the sound levels in its new 737 MAX.