Changes to Delta Air Line Aircraft Fleet at MSP

Delta Air Lines recently announced it will be replacing some of its older and noisier aircraft that it uses for passenger services at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport (MSP) with newer, quieter, and more fuel efficient models. Eighty-two Airbus A321 and 75 Bombardier CS100 aircraft are working their way into Delta's fleet. Delivery of Delta's new A321 aircraft at MSP began in March; Delta will take delivery of the CS100 beginning in 2018. 

Airbus A321 Image Provided Courtesy of Airbus S.A.S.The significance of Delta's fleet change is huge at MSP particularly because the 192-passenger A321 will be used on routes being flown today by MD80s and B757s, phasing these older aircraft types out of service.  MD80 aircraft, once among the quieter aircraft types in the 1980s, now are some of the loudest aircraft operating at MSP on a regular basis. Neighbors living under the flight paths associated with MSP have expressed their eagerness for Delta to discontinue using MD80 aircraft at MSP. Not only are the A321 aircraft quieter, they are 25% more fuel efficient and roomier for passengers.

Delta also will discontinue planned-use of E190 aircraft as they incorporate the new CS100 aircraft into their fleet for short to medium length routes into and out of MSP. The CS100 will hold 100-150 passengers and is 20% more fuel efficient than aircraft types of similar size.  Most importantly, the CS100 will powered by the Pratt & Whitney 1500G engines. These engines allow the aircraft to be up to 20 dB quieter than today's Stage 4 noise standards.

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