Construction Season Begins At MSP

Now that winter is wrapping up in Minnesota, the state’s other season can begin. Construction projects are starting around the region, including at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport (MSP). Airfield infrastructure (i.e., runways, taxiways, aircraft parking surfaces, etc.) regularly require construction and maintenance work to ensure the safe movement of aircraft. 

MSP AirfieldAn airfield construction project to reconstruct airfield taxiways will begin tomorrow, April 14. The project area includes a section of Taxiway A, a portion of Taxiway B, and a adjacent areas of the G Concourse apron. Work will include concrete breaking, removal, and excavation, and placement of granular material, crushed aggregate base, concrete pavement, bituminous shoulders, pavement markings, taxiway centerline and edge lights. The full project is expected to be completed in three phases, finishing in November of this year. Crews will begin with concrete breaking and concrete removal -- from 7 A.M. to 7 P.M., every day except Sunday -- beginning tomorrow and expected to continue through Thursday, April 22. 

Airfield construction and/or maintenance may require closing one or more runways at MSP temporarily, even when the activity is not occurring on the runway. Additionally, construction activities can impact how the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) assigns aircraft to open runways.

Another project that will start later this summer is the restoration of the runway safety area slopes of Runway 17/35 to FAA specifications. During this project, MSP Runway 17/35 will be closed. More updates on this project will be available closer to the start date.

People residing in areas around MSP may notice unusual sounds, lights, or aircraft activity when these activities are occurring.

Information about runway closures of 30 minutes or longer at MSP is available at: Anyone with questions about runway closures due to maintenance and/or construction may call the Community Relations Office at 612-726-9411.