FAA Update about Converging Runway Operations at MSP

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) shared information about the safe management of air traffic at the May Noise Oversight Committee (NOC) Meeting. NOC members have received regular updates from the FAA on federal actions taken to comply with the nationwide Converging Runway Operations (CRO) mandate. As a result of federal actions, NOC members have requested that the FAA evaluate the noise and capacity impacts related to FAA CRO compliance measures at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport (MSP). 

Rebecca MacPherson, FAA Regional Administrator for the Great Lakes Region, explained to NOC members that the CRO mandate was put into place at airports nationwide to prevent the possibility of collision. At MSP, CRO mitigation reduces the risk of collision between an aircraft aborting its attempted landing on Runway 35 with aircraft departing to the north from Runways 30L and 30R. According to the FAA, Runway 35 will only be used when arrival demand increases to a level that requires a third arrival runway.

The red circle in the diagram below shows the area affected by CRO at MSP when arrivals are attempting to land on Runway 35 while departures are taking off from Runways 30L and 30R.

MacPherson said the bottom line is the safe movement of air traffic at MSP. Current arrivals are at a maximum of 84 per hour, during north flow operations. The rate prior to the CRO mandate was 90 arrivals per hour. The CRO mitigation measures will remain in place, but the FAA plans to conduct an environmental study of the traffic pattern changes since CRO was put into place at MSP. Updates on that process, timeline and public involvement will be provided to the NOC at a future date.

For more information about the FAA’s remarks shared with NOC members, please view the NOC meeting minutes for May 15, 2019: https://www.macnoise.com/our-neighbors/msp-noise-oversight-committee-noc-meetings.

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