"File a Noise Complaint" Process Enhancements

A new process for filing aircraft noise complaints through the Metropolitan Airports Commission (MAC) Noise Program Office website will be unveiled on June 2, 2016. 

The two most frequently used methods for submitting aircraft noise complaints to the MAC Noise Program Office include a 24-hour noise complaint and information hotline (612-726-9411) and the "File a Noise Complaint" webform on the MAC Noise Program Office website at: www.macnoise.com/our-neighbors/file-noise-complaint.  

Between January and April 2016, 188 people submitted aircraft noise concerns using the 24-hour hotline and 1,236 people used the internet. Clearly, people prefer to submit their complaint information through the MAC Noise Program Office webform. The popularity of using the internet is one reason the MAC strives to make that user experience the best it can be. The new complaint-entry process was created in response to website browser issues that were being experienced periodically by members of the public who sought to report their aircraft activity concerns through the MAC Noise Program Office webform. While less than one percent of people who used the webform to submit their complaints experienced the browser issues, the MAC Noise Program Office worked to create a new process that not only resolved the browser trouble, it also improved the entire experience. For example, the new webform will enable users to store their address after creating a login username and password. By logging into the MAC Noise Program Office complaint system, webform users will not have to enter their address each time they submit a noise complaint; this saves time and improves accuracy because it prevents typographical errors. Also, the enhancements include greater utility for mobile devices.

Aircraft noise complaint data are summarized, mapped and published monthly for public use; therefore, it is important that the complaint content submitted meets the MAC's noise complaint policy

While the MAC owns and operates Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport (MSP) and six reliever airports within the Twin Cities' area, MAC staff do not control air traffic operations nor direct aircraft in flight. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has sole authority over aircraft in flight, establishing flight procedures and determining how the airspace is used. However, the MAC collects feedback from members of the public who would like to share their concerns or ask questions about aircraft activity. 

For more information about aircraft noise or the MAC Noise Program Office, please contact us by calling 612-726-9411 or click here: Contact the MAC Noise Program Office.