First Amendment to Noise Mitigation Agreement is Approved

A modified Residential Noise Mitigation Program will be implemented for homes surrounding Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport (MSP). The first amendment to the legal agreement (Consent Decree) between the Metropolitan Airports Commission (MAC) and the cities of Richfield, Minneapolis, and Eagan that defines the MAC's Residential Noise Mitigation Program was approved by the Fourth Judicial District Court and is effective until December 31, 2024.

The MAC's goal in adopting the modified noise mitigation measures is to minimize the environmental impacts from air carrier jet noise on residents in communities adjacent to MSP. Under the modified program, eligibility of single-family and multi-family homes will be determined annually, based upon actual noise contours that are developed on an annual basis. A single-family or multi-family home will be considered eligible for mitigation under the noise mitigation program when the following criteria are met:

(a) the community in which the home is located has adopted local land use controls and building performance standards that prohibit new residential construction or remodeling on the block in which the home is located, unless the construction or remodeling materials and practices are consistent with the noise impact levels and consistent with noise mitigation provided by this program, and

(b) the home is located, for a period of three consecutive years (the first of the three years cannot be later than calendar year 2020) in the actual 60-64 DNL noise contour prepared by the MAC and published in the Annual Noise Contour Report, and, within a higher noise impact mitigation area when compared to the single-family home's status under the noise mitigation program prior to the amendment.

The MAC will offer noise mitigation to owners of eligible single-family homes and multi-family homes in the year following the determination of eligibility. Single-family and multi-family homes that were opted out of mitigation previously are not eligible to participate in the modified mitigation program.

The first year of eligibility will be determined upon completion of the 2013 actual noise contour map. The new map will be presented under the Residential Noise Mitigation section of our website in March 2014.

For more information about the modified noise mitigation program please contact Pat Mosites at 612-713-7499 or by clicking here: Pat Mosites