MAC Board Members Updated on Aircraft Noise Topics

At its July 18, 2016 Full Commission meeting, the Metropolitan Airports Commission (MAC) board members received an update on recent community aircraft noise topics. 

This update came at an optimum time, as warm summer months promote more outdoor activity and flight activity reaches its peak at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport (MSP).

Chad Leqve, the MAC’s Environment Department Director provided the update, first explaining the roles and responsibilities of various agencies relative to aircraft noise. He also described the limitations the Federal Aviation Administration puts on the MAC related to restricting aircraft operations.

Leqve also detailed the ongoing dialogue with surrounding communities and the ongoing response from the MAC and MSP Noise Oversight Committee to recent public concerns about aircraft noise. Trends in airport runway use, the number of annual takeoffs and landings and hourly flights were also part of the update. 

Additionally, Commission members were updated on the ongoing Noise Program Communication Enhancement Plan, and told how they and the general public can stay updated on aircraft noise topics and related activities.

The July 2016 MAC Full Commission presentation video is available here.

The presentation slides are available here.