MAC Improves FlightTracker Experience

Last week, the MAC Noise Program Office updated its FlightTracker tool by reducing the time delay for real-time flight information. The "Real Time" display on FlightTracker previously showed flight activity in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area with a 20-minute delay. After improving the data collection process, the delay has been reduced to 10-minutes. The flights available on FlightTracker are now presented to customers as early as is allowed by the data provider.

"Data in all industries is more useful when it is timely. The effectiveness of FlightTracker is improved by reducing the time between when a flight occurs and when it appears on the screen," said Brad Juffer, Assistant Manager of Noise, Environment and Planning for the Metropolitan Airports Commission (MAC). "We strive to provide products that enable our customers to learn about flight activity at all MAC airports."

The recent improvement to FlightTracker follows a full redesign of the application completed in June 2018. Users can access FlightTracker directly at