Unusual MSP Runway Use Expected Tonight

The Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport (MSP) flight patterns may be different tonight, September 20th into Wednesday morning, September 21st as a result of three temporary runway closures. 

Both parallel runways (Runways 12L/30R and 12R/30L) are planned to be closed tonight between 11:00 PM and 5:30 AM Wednesday morning due to maintenance and lighting modifications. Crews from the Metropolitan Airports Commission (MAC) will be conducting routine maintenance on one of the parallel runways, while the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is planning to make minor runway lighting additions to the other parallel runway. At the same time, Runway 4/22 will be closed to allow for material and equipment staging, and safe crossing of vehicles working on the closed runways. While these projects are taking place, Runway 17/35 will be the only pavement available for landing and departing aircraft unless mother nature produces rain at MSP. These projects and resultant runway closures are hinged on dry working conditions, therefore, rain that is forecasted to occur overnight may change the timing of the closures.

If the work proceeds as planned it is anticipated that FAA Air Traffic Controllers at MSP will direct aircraft to use Runway 35 for both arrivals and departures during the closures. In this runway use configuration, arriving aircraft approach the airport from the south and fly northbound over Apple Valley, Burnsville and Bloomington. Departing traffic leave MSP on a northbound heading over Minneapolis initially before turning on course towards their final destination.