Unusual Runway Use at MSP Due to Weather

Strong northeasterly winds associated with a winter storm today, and possibly tomorrow, will activate use of Runway 4 at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport (MSP). Use of MSP Runway 4 usually occurs when heavy or large aircraft require additional runway length or when a strong northeasterly wind blows through the Twin Cities area.

Air Traffic Controllers at MSP decide which runways to use based on wind direction, weather conditions, and air traffic demand. Typically aircraft arrive and depart at MSP using the parallel runways, but today's unusual wintery-weather and accompanying windy conditions from the northeast contribute to aircraft taking off and landing on other MSP runways. Arrivals on MSP Runway 4 will overfly Bloomington and Richfield; and departures from Runway 4 will overfly Mendota Heights and St. Paul.

For details on specific flight activity, please view our FlightTracker

Travelers should expect delays and contact their airline for schedule updates.