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Newest Generation Airbus 320 Begins Serving MSP

Only weeks after delivery, a new airplane has been flying regularly into the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport (MSP). In October, Spirit Airlines became the first U.S. airline to take delivery of the Airbus A320neo (“neo” stands for “new engine option”). Spirit added three of these airplanes to its fleet with two more expected in December. In the past two months, these planes have flown in and out of MSP 40 times. Ultimately, the low-cost carrier plans to own 55 of these airplanes by 2021.

New Aircraft Noise Basics Video Series

Do you ever wonder who makes the decisions behind the aircraft activity at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport (MSP)? A new video called Aircraft Noise Basics-Part 1: Who Makes the Decisions? was produced by the Metropolitan Airports Commission (MAC) and seeks to provide more understanding about the roles and responsibilities of the Federal Aviation Administration, the MAC, and other aviation stakeholders. 

FAA Creates MSP Information Webpage

A new resource is available to learn more about minor adjustments to aircraft arrival routes that will take place in January 2017 at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport (MSP). The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has a new webpage that houses a video, fact sheets and environmental documentation explaining the tweaks it’s making for some arrivals.

Aircraft Activity Related to Ryder Cup

Flying Cloud Airport in Eden Prairie is seeing increased levels of air traffic this week tied to the Ryder Cup golf competition taking place in Chaska. More than 250,000 spectators are expected at Hazeltine during the course of the event, which starts with events Tuesday, Sept. 27 and runs through Sunday, Oct. 2. Most of those spectators are traveling by car, but some attendees arriving by private aircraft will also increase the daily volume of flights at Flying Cloud, which is prepared for the extra air traffic.

NOC Votes to Unanimously Support CRO Resolution

At its regularly scheduled meeting on Wednesday, the MSP Noise Oversight Committee (NOC) unanimously approved Resolution #02-2016 requesting a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) environmental review and documentation of existing and future impacts to noise and airport capacity from non-intersecting converging runway operations at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport (MSP).