Flying Cloud Airport (FCM)

Flying Cloud Airport

FCM is situated 13.5 miles southwest of downtown Minneapolis, within the City of Eden Prairie, Minnesota. FCM is operational 24 hours per day for year-round flying and is considered a home base for flight schools, business jets, single- and multi-engine propeller driven aircraft and helicopters.

One of the busiest MAC-owned airports, FCM has an FAA-operated control tower and an instrument landing system. The tower operates daily from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. during the fall and winter months, and from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. during the spring and summer.

Airport improvements at FCM include the 2008 extension of Runway 10L/28R to 3,900' x 75' and the 2009 extension of Runway 10R/28L to 5,000' x 100.' Other improvements include lengthening the taxiway system and developing a new hangar area on the south side of the facility. The north-south runway, 18/36, remains 2,691' x 75'.

Click here to access the FCM Long Term Comprehensive Plan:

FCM Operational Implementation Plan

The FCM Operational Implementation Plan is the result of an agreement between the MAC and the City of Eden Prairie that outlines actions and procedures to help reduce noise impacts in the surrounding community.

Noise Abatement Plan

The FCM Noise Abatement Plan was developed promote voluntary aircraft operating procedures and measures that help reduce noise impacts for residents living near FCM.

FCM Sound Study Report 2020

Results of field-measured and modeled sound level analysis associated with FCM aircraft operations.

FCM Airport Advisory Commission (AAC)

Information about the City of Eden Prairie's FCM AAC, including meeting schedule, agenda and activities.

Helicopter Operations

A Helicopter Letter of Agreement and designated practice areas are in place at FCM to help guide helicopter operators. The designated practice areas help keep helicopter training patterns close-in to the airport as much as possible.

Pilot Resources & Information

Information and resources available for pilots operating at FCM, including the FCM Pilot Guide.

Address: 10110 Flying Cloud Dr Eden Prairie, MN 55347